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In our view it is essential that the public continues to acknowledge the relevance of the European project given that today’s global challenges can no longer be addressed by countries separately. However, how this cooperation ought to take shape, can and should be debated upon. We want to actively spark such debate on European policies in order to inform citizens and involve them in the European integration process.

The EMB is not blind to criticism of the EU! On the contrary, we are convinced that a critical stance is an integral part of the citizenship we want to encourage. Moreover, we recognise ourselves the need for more citizen participation in the EU since it’s the driving force behind our projects. Our debates on Europe are however not limited to yes/no questions but rather focused on questions such as ‘why, how, when, …’.

Our citizenship projects vary from year to year but have some common characteristics. They aim at sparking debate on Europe amongst citizens, they have an educational nature and young people often play a central role. Our next major citizenship project is scheduled for 2017. In the meantime, you can find some images of our last project Your Vote Counts! below. It contained a large series of debates ahead of the European elections of 2014, for which youth debates were organised in all the provincial capitals of Belgium.


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Seen the educational character of our projects, we often used educational material in our past citizenship projects. As such, the EMB produced the booklet Europe in Words and Images, the Countdown Calendar to the European Elections in 2009 and 2014 or our educational videos on European history and decision-making available on DVD.

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