About Us


Young European Federalists (or JEF) is a pan-European youth movement that defends the idea of ​​a federal Europe since 1972. JEF has no political colour but is resolutely pro-European. JEF Europe counts 35 national sections and over 35,000 members who strive for a more democratic Europe. The Belgian section of JEF has local sections in Ghent, Louvain, Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, Liège and Bruges.

JEF Belgium also serves as the youth committee of the European Movement in Belgium: JEF brings together young people on behalf of the European project to discuss, take action and commit to a stronger, more democratic and federal Europe. How do we accomplish this? Debates, educational weekends, international seminars, visits to the European institutions and street actions for JEF members and all young people interested in Europe. In addition, JEF works closely together with the European Movement in Belgium and with other youth organisations for which it receives support from the European institutions.

Does Europe appeal to you too? Do you want to contribute to the development of a federal Europe? You can always join us for one of our activities or participate in international seminars as a member of JEF: we welcome you with pleasure! Do you want to become a member of JEF? Become one of our locals! As a member you will receive a regular newsletter, be able to participate in all activities of the European Movement-Belgium as well as international seminars with other young Europeans.

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